Primal Palette

Deadheading the soul

As I was out in the garden today, deadheading my coreopsis, I couldn’t help but reflect on how gardening always makes me feel so connected – not just to nature, but to myself as well. There’s something profoundly meditative about the process. Each snip of the shears, each removal of a spent bloom, feels like a small act of renewal.

In those quiet moments, surrounded by the gentle hum of nature, I often find myself slipping into a state of deep contemplation. It’s as if the garden, in all its vibrant beauty and quiet persistence, invites me to slow down and reflect on my own life. And today, as I was tending to my flowers, I found a powerful metaphor unfolding before me.

With each bloom I deadheaded, I thought of the things in my past that I no longer need – old habits, lingering doubts, past regrets. Just as the spent flowers needed to be removed to make way for new growth, so too did these outdated parts of my life. The act of deadheading became a symbolic gesture, a way of cutting away what no longer serves me to make room for new, bright, and beautiful blooms in my own life.

This process of letting go is essential for growth, both in the garden and in our personal lives. By removing the dead and the spent, we allow the plant – and ourselves – to channel energy into new growth. It’s a reminder that in order to flourish, we must periodically shed the old and embrace the new.

Gardening teaches us patience and attentiveness. It reminds us that growth doesn’t happen overnight and that nurturing ourselves, much like tending a garden, requires consistent effort and care. Sometimes, this means making difficult choices, like cutting away beautiful but spent blooms to encourage the plant’s overall health and vitality.

In these moments of quiet reflection, I find inspiration. The garden becomes a mirror, reflecting back to me the cycles of my own life. It shows me that every ending is a beginning, and every act of letting go creates space for something new to take root and grow.

As I deadheaded my coreopsis, I thought about the importance of mindfulness and intentionality. Each snip was a conscious choice to release what no longer serves me, to create space for new opportunities and positive growth. It’s a practice that extends beyond the garden, reminding me to continually reassess and realign my life with my deepest values and aspirations.

So, friends, the next time you’re out in the garden, I invite you to take a moment to reflect on what you might need to deadhead in your own life. What old habits or thoughts are no longer serving you? What past experiences are you ready to release to make room for new growth?

Allow yourself to be entranced by the simple, meditative act of gardening. Let it inspire you to cultivate not just your plants, but also your inner landscape. Embrace the process of letting go and welcome the new possibilities that bloom from it.

Gardening, with its rhythms and rituals, offers us a profound lesson in resilience and renewal. It teaches us that we are constantly in a state of becoming, ever evolving and growing. And in this journey, every cut, every act of release, is a step towards a more vibrant, fulfilling life.

Happy gardening, and may your blooms be ever bright and beautiful.

With love and light, Tesie Mills

Hi, I’m Tesie Mills