Welcome to Primal Palette, a digital canvas where creativity meets curiosity, and artistry blends with the mystical. My name is Kerry, and I am the mind and spirit behind this unique convergence of interests.

My Journey

My journey is as diverse as the content you will find here. I am a pet sitter by profession, a writer by passion, and an artist by instinct. My days are filled with the joyful responsibilities of caring for animals, and my nights are dedicated to exploring the mystical realms of witchcraft and spirituality.

What You’ll Find Here

This website is my personal repository and showcase, featuring an eclectic mix of:

  • Pet Care Insights: Articles and tips drawn from my hands-on experiences in pet sitting, aiming to help fellow animal lovers.
  • Witchy Wisdom: Social media posts and articles that connect with a community of like-minded souls exploring witchcraft and the esoteric.
  • Self-Help Resources: A collection of articles written under a pen name, focusing on personal development and self-improvement.
  • Nature and Art Photography: Visual stories told through the lens of my camera, capturing the beauty of the natural world and the pets under my care.
  • Abstract “Energy” Paintings: Each piece a visual representation of different energies and emotions I encounter.
  • Rockhound Adventures: From collecting crystals and shells to creating hand-carved jewelry pendants, these pieces are born from the earth and shaped by my hands.
  • Elemental Studies: Explorations of how the elements—earth, fire, water, and air—interact with nature, witchcraft, and life philosophies.

My Philosophy

I believe in the power of connecting deeply with our surroundings and the beings that inhabit our world, both seen and unseen. My work with telepathic animal communication is a testament to my commitment to understanding and deepening these connections.

Connect With Me

I invite you to explore Primal Palette, where each page and post is a window into the diverse aspects of my life and passions. If my work resonates with you or you wish to learn more, please feel free to reach out. Let’s connect and share our journeys.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find inspiration and insight within these pages.